Re-visioning the learning process online

Year: 2000

Author: MALONE, P

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper will explore the use of online learning processes for undergraduate and postgraduate units that are web enhanced and compare these with web based postgraduate units that are completely taught online. It will draw on the framework developed by Billings(2000) to evaluate the 'dynamic interaction' of the various aspects of the technology and the teaching learning practices of web based learning. It will explore the extent to which such learning processes can promote the development of a 'knowledge ecology' (Lewis, 2000) and the quality of the learning paradigms that underpin such approaches. It will particularly focus on the role of the instructors to develop a conceptual map of the learning process and incorporate appropriate communication processes and structures into the unit being offered.

It will examine the specific implications for developing online units in the field of religious education. The paper is concerned with developing a vision, an understanding of the learning process which draws on the availability of information but is concerned with the use of information to enable students to develop knowledge and ultimately understanding and wisdom.