Symposium 21: Passion and responsibility in qualitative research: a dispassionate reflection and a deliberative reconstruction - Symposium Overview.

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This session seeks to step back from the subjective passion usually associated with qualitative research efforts and to provide a more dispassionate reflection of these efforts. Matters of purpose, process and product in qualitative research efforts will be discussed with respect to what might be termed research responsibilities. These responsibilities will be framed in the session by the following: Disclosing ontological positions and political agendas underling the research (cf PURPOSE) Discussing ways of conducting the research which are ontologically consonant, methodologically transparent and ethically defensible (cf PROCESS) Deliberating about how to communicate the research experiences and outcomes in ways that are critical and credible on the one hand and compassionate and constructive on the other (cf PRODUCT). Each presenter will address these responsibilities with reference to specific qualitative research projects and using the framing as outlined above.

Thus, there will be a brief introductory paper, followed by three short research reports (one by each presenter). The discussant will provide a critical commentary of the introductory paper and the three research reports.

Session participants will then be invited to engage in small group conversations and to generate ideas about maintaining both passion and responsibility in qualitative research efforts. A synthesis of ideas emerging from these small group conversations will be facilitated by the discussant. The session will conclude with open discussion. Overall, the session will hopefully provide a platform for ongoing discussion via E Mail.