Educational Governance, Social Inclusion and Social Exclusion in Australia - Symposium Overview

Year: 2000

Author: LADWIG, J

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Educational Governance, Social Inclusion and Social Exclusion in Australia' (EGSIE-Australia) is the Australian leg of a large international comparative study examining the relationship between relatively recent restructuring of systems of schooling and the classic sociological question of who gets what from schooling. The study draws conceptions of governance and subjectivity developed in relation to Foucault's understanding of governmentality and Bourdieu's analyses of habitus and the State as a bureaucratic field. Conducted in three main stages, EGSIE-Australia included text analyses of selected policy documents, interviews with a national sample of teachers, principals and systems actors, and a series of youth studies, including a large scale survey of Youth. Funded by the ARC, from 1998 to 2000, this study has been conducted in partnership with scholars from nine European countries, in which parallel analyses have been developed. The symposium presents six papers developed within the study, cutting across each of the three main stages of analysis.