Choose to choose educational research: Moving towards an optimistic future or a dead end?

Year: 2000

Author: KOO, M

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper describes a collaborative journey with a group of primary school teachers and principals within a context of curriculum change in Hong Kong. This collaboration, which builds on hope, trust, reflections and authenticity, elicits participants' voices through narratives and ensuing conversations.

An Action Research as iterative, critical and collaborative engages research participants in a research world which celebrates the success of change by improvement, the collaboration by mutual contribution to shared values and beliefs, and the reconstruction of curriculum work by ongoing critique and transformation. Teachers' stories, which are the constructs of their personal lives intertwined with professional lives, are embodied of participants' critical reflections on the place, space, purpose, content and process of teacher curriculum decision-making at the time of curriculum change. Through sharing and negotiation, ownership and participation as well as agreement and consensus, this Action Research empowers participants to act and talk in reflection about curriculum work for enhancing the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Reflecting on this collaborative research journey, the paper further poses a question when choosing to choose for educational research. This question challenges researchers and other stakeholders to critically reflect on educational research whether it is moving towards an optimistic future or a dead end.