Globalisation, Higher Education, and the Re-creation of Japanese Femininity

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Overseas education is currently a global phenomenon. An increasing number of Japanese students cross national borders to study at higher education institutions. In this paper I argue that new images of Japanese women are one of the most visible manifestations of the growth of overseas education in contemporary Japan. I report on preliminary findings of a cross-cultural and sociological study of identity formation and femininity of Japanese female students in Australia.

First, I outline the current research project and then link the concept of globalisation to three other important themes - 'self/subjectivity', 'higher education', and 'cultural hybridity' - in order to unravel the complexity of identity formation of Japanese women studying in Australia. Next, I sketch the research methodology and process that frames this doctoral study of Japanese female students recreating their identities and femininity. I conclude with a discussion of some of the implications of globalisation related to higher education, women, and the politics of identity.