The Teacher and Student Diversity: The One Size Fits All Approach

Year: 2000

Author: FIELDS, B

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Student diversity and the challenges it presents to teachers now ranks alongside discipline as one of the major professional concerns of teachers. In this paper the issue of student diversity as it relates to the difficulties and challenges it poses to the design and delivery of instruction will be explored. The paper looks at the educational movements which advocate the benefits of diversity in both a broad social sense, and specifically in reference to its impact on the education system and teachers in particular.

Throughout the discussion 'student diversity' will be used to refer to both the personological characteristics which contribute to individual uniqueness and to the myriad of social and cultural differences which exist in the community at large and which are also reflected in the school community. The paper will conclude with a discussion of the impediments which exist to inhibit the capacity of teachers to respond appropriately and effectively to student diversity and diverse student needs.