Policy(ing) subjectivities: constructions with (in/out) the Youth Allowance policy

Year: 2000

Author: EDWARDS, J

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The paper draws from a PhD thesis that examines young women's subjectivities as constructed through government youth policy. Using feminist poststructural policy analysis, the Youth Allowance policy and associated texts and discourses are being examined to understand how young women as youths (subject to and of policy), construct subjectivities in response to government policy. This paper will focus on the question 'What is the impact on young women's' lives of being held 'captive' in the gendered discursive field of youth?' It will draw on answers to the following questions.

• How has the policy definition of youth been expanded in response to the current economic and political context?
• How does recent youth policy work at constructing gendered individuals?
• How do young women as youth respond to government policy?

This paper will address the problem that much youth policy and commentary consigns young women to the margins of analysis