Teacher Education - Meeting the Challenges of the Future

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Recent changes in society and in education raise numerous implications for the education of teachers. Acknowledging this, the Board of Teacher Registration Queensland has embarked on a major study in which it is taking a "fresh look" at teacher education and professional development In the study, the Board will review its mechanisms for influencing teacher education and development at various points, including its guidelines for preservice programs and its program approval processes, its requirements for moving from provisional to full registration, and its requirements for ongoing registration.

As a basis for the study, the Board has undertaken an analysis of recent reports, surveys and curriculum initiatives (mainly from Queensland) which incorporate explicit and implicit demands of teaching and teachers, and therefore of teacher education. This has helped to identify emerging areas where teachers' knowledge and skills may need development The Board will consult widely with Queensland bodies and groups with an interest in teacher education. It is expected that proposals for consultation will be developed by the end of 2000.

The paper will describe this work-in-progress. Audience participation will be invited in the identification of issues and potential new models for professional learning and development across the careers of teachers.