Research in Construction: the Key Competencies and the emergence of knowledge work

Year: 2000


Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper arises from an ARC funded project of the Australian Construction Industry focussing on the generic competencies in relation to workplace reform. As a SPIRT (Strategic Partnership with Industry - Research & Training) project, the industry partner is the Department of Public Works and Services (DPWS). The project could not have been undertaken without this partnership and the assistance of some of the larger New South Wales building and construction companies.

The construction industry in New South Wales has been undergoing significant change and the strategic vision for the industry developed by the New South Wales government promotes ongoing development through continuous improvement.

This research project was undertaken in three phases. Phase 3 analysed the workplace reforms of occupational health, safety and rehabilitation and environmental practices. One of the outcomes of the project was to use the knowledge gained about generic competencies in the construction industry to inform best practice and provide mechanisms that enhance continuous improvement.

The research identified the generic competencies of communicating ideas and information, planning and organising, teamwork and collecting, analysing and organising information as very significant to the industry. This paper will report on how these generic competencies can assist the construction industry in its' pursuit of continuous improvement.