Save our Souls' from forward rolls: An investigation of Bachelor of Education Primary students' perceptions of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and their level of efficacy in teaching the subject in the K-6 context

Year: 2000

Author: CLARKE, D

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports on a cross institutional study between the University of Western Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney. Bachelor of Education Primary students often perceive themselves as poorly equipped in terms of knowledge and physical ability to teach the NSW K-6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus. The students articulate this level of efficacy in their lack of willingness to teach thesubject during Practicum experiences. This study aims to explore the prior experiences, level of efficacy and willingness to teach the syllabus before and after enrolment in the mandatory Key Learning Area subject Personal Development, Health and Physical Education at each of the Universities. The study will compare results between Universities. The study will investigate these issues by utilising qualitative research methods. Approximately 150 students from each University will be surveyed before and after their enrolment in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. In the future, it is hoped that data gathered can be explored in regard to differences in gender, age, cultural background and socioeconomic status.