Teacher education students' epistemological beliefs - A cultural perspectives on learning and teaching

Year: 2000

Author: CHAN, K W

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A questionnaire instrument adapted from Schommer's was developed for measuring epistemological beliefs of preservice teacher education students in the Hong Kong cultural context. Factor analytical study supplemented by qualitative data from interview identified four epistemological belief dimensions viz. innate/fixed ability, learning effort/process, authority/expert knowledge and certainty knowledge. The results were both similar to and different from Schommer's findings with North America university students in terms of the number and nature of belief dimensions. Cultural context would be a possible influence on the development of student teachers' epistemological beliefs. No significant differences were found between age, gender and elective groups when MANOVA analysis was applied to study the relation of these groups with their epistemological beliefs. Implications were drawn for future development in teacher education and possible direction of research.