" I eat, breathe and sleep curriculum integration" : Enhancing teachers'learning through curriculum integration.

Year: 1999

Author: Whyte, Barbara

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

(This paper is presented in association with the paper on Curriculum Integration offered by Dr. Deborah Fraser: "They keep asking questions and want to know more: Enhancing students' learning through curriculum integration".)

It has been suggested that CurricuIum Integration (CI) offers "the challenging curriculum, the higher standards, and the world class education that is so often talked about, but rarely experienced" (Beane & Brodhagen, 1996). A group of experienced NZ teachers motivated to rise to such 'global heights' in their classrooms, have found that implementing CI as a pedagogical approach can demand a significant shift in both philosophy and practice (Whyte & Strang, 1998). Critically reflecting on and examining developing practice, through a combination of discussion and debate with peers and facilitators, making links with theory by reading current literature, and collegial observation/feedback interaction, has been effective in helping teachers understand and implement CI in two local clusters of schools. It is suggested that the process of democracy that is enhanced in a CI environment for students, can also be an integral part of the change process for teachers. .