Policy dilemmas: A problem based learning approach to teaching education policy to pre-service teachers

Year: 1999

Author: Saltmarsh, David

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Problem Based Learning (PBL) is an approach to teaching that has recently gained acceptance in many areas of education for the professions. However, it has not been widely adopted as a style of pre-service teacher education. This paper examines the merits of PBL as teaching strategy and the ways that it has been used in teacher education. Consequently, the various styles of teacher education programs are briefly explored, in the context of professional education. The teaching of education policy is an area of particular interest when considering the application of PBL strategies. This paper outlines a number of activities designed to place pre-service teachers in the position of having to consider the policy connotations of teaching practices. These exercises, therefore, aim to give practical expression a range of philosophical, sociological and political dimensions, generally presented in a theoretical context.