A Marxian critique of teachers' work in an era of capitalist globalisation

Year: 1999

Author: Raduntz, Helen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A Marxian critique of capitalist education in an era of globalisation must begin with the teacher as a producer of skilled and disciplined labour for the labour market.

This paper explores: 1) the relation of education to the economic sphere of production arguing that rather than being relatively autonomous education and economics more than other spheres of society are closely tied so that major changes in economics have immediate repercussions in education; 2) the contradictory role of the teacher as an employee and as an agent of capital is contradictory as a source of tension particularly in times of radical change taking place in education in response to the imperatives of capital; and 3) what priorities teachers might set for themselves as a group to assert their autonomy in constructing an education that has as its priority the development of students' potentialities.