Reviewing university-school collaboration: What's possible and what's not.

Year: 1999

Author: Peters, Judith

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports on the experiences of teacher educators while working collaboratively with schools in a number of research and professional development projects. These include the Innovative Links Project (1994-1996), the National Middle Schooling Authentic Assessment Research Circle (1997) and the School-based Research and Reform Project (1998-1999).

Extensive data collected from seven teacher educators over an eighteen month period during the Innovative Links Project is presented, together with insights from more recent projects. The researcher examines the extent to which the expectations of such projects are achievable in the light of the prevailing conditions in schools and universities. She argues that a range of personal, structural and cultural conditions inhibit the achievement of some project expectations, and that what is needed when embarking on such projects is a realistic evaluation of what is possible and what is not. She concludes with recommendations for developing a greater level of compatibility between project expectations and the conditions that impact on participants.