"A Room With All Views?": The Aboriginal Community Room as a site and metaphor

Year: 1999

Author: Munns, Geoff, Simpson, Lee, Clancy, Sue

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Baiyai Research Project has been looking at the nature of classroom relationships between young Aboriginal learners and their teachers. Its theoretical, empirical and epistemological foundations are captured in its Wiradjuri title: Baiyai means "meeting place of two parties". The project brings together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal researchers, teachers and community members and considers all of their perspectives in the collection and analysis of data and the dissemination of results. This paper considers how productive personal and pedagogical relationships can be catalysed and formed within the hub of schools' Aboriginal community rooms if there is a genuine "Baiyai". If this is the case, the community room is then both a critical school site and a metaphor for effective, inclusive and empowering curriculum.