Sitting in rows and teaching on-line: Life-histories, technology & pedagogy 1900 - 2000.

Year: 1999

Author: Middleton, Sue

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This printed paper and Power Point slide-show begins with a reflexive account of my multi-media (including on-line) teaching of an educational theory course to pre-service teachers. This frames an oral history of affinities and discontinuities between teachers' classroom practices, 'official' pedagogical discourses, and new technologies as they have interacted in the course of the twentieth century. Life-history interviews with 75 former and practising teachers provides the narrative data. Returning to my 'present', and armed with a 'tool-kit' of Foucauldian , geographic, and feminist theory, I conclude with speculations on the educational significance at the new millenium of time-space compression in relation to place. Does teaching on-line as we now know it radically alter pedagogical relations? Are we yet experiencing the 'something else' of post-modernity?