Video Analysis: A qualitative tool for investigating students'learning in a constructivist oriented multimedia in a science classroom

Year: 1999

Author: Maor, Dorit, Knibb, Ken

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A new software package VideoSearch" which is a Macintosh multimediaresearch tool for analysing digital video was used to analyse classroomobservations. VideoSearch" can digitise video from a video cassetterecorder or video camera and store it on a computer as a QuickTime movie.Texts can be attached to each instance within an episode and this text canbe searched. Events in this movie can then be coded for analysis by meansof user defined categories. In this study coding categories based oninquiry learning were developed both prior to the video analysis.Additional categories were developed while the researcher viewed the videosegments and were based on student interactions with a constructivistoriented multimedia program. Analyses of three types of episodes fromvideo segments will be presented and discussed in order to investigatestudents' learning. Episodes from video segments include students workingin pairs conducting investigations based on the program, studentspresenting their experiences of their process of investigation to theirclass and the researcher, during an interview following the lesson, probingthe students' reflections on their learning. An advantage of working withthe video analysis is a greater access to a fuller context for qualitativedata analyses. This allows for a better understanding of the socialprocesses of students' learning. However, the time required and the levelof intensive analysis may make it a difficult process to undertake.