Smoothing the way: An evaluation of a transition to school program

Year: 1999

Author: Howard, Peter, Dockett, Sue, Perry, Bob

Type of paper: Refereed paper

Children's transition to school represents a major change for all concerned as children, families and schools all need to make adjustments to the changing demands and expectations. This paper reports an evaluation of one transition to school program instituted in an urban school in Sydney in response to the needs of a specific group of children and families. Staff in this school targeted a group of Arabic-speaking children and their families who had had limited experience in formal early childhood settings. With the assistance of local consultants and the authors, the school implemented the transition program in term 4, 1998. This paper describes the program and the theoretical base underpinning it, as well as an evaluation of the program and its outcomes for children, families and school personnel. The evaluation, in the context of ongoing research in the area by the authors, and a review of the transition to school literature provides the basis for the identification of a set of guidelines underpinning effective transition to school programs.