Beyond the NEMP experience : Professional development of teachers through the National Education Monitoring Project

Year: 1999

Author: Gilmore, Alison

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A key element of the National Educaiton Monitoring Project in New Zealand is the employment of specially trained, practising teachers to work intensively with 60 children over a five week period of at least five difference schools (teacher administrators), and to mark the assessment tasks requiring substantial professional judgement (teacher markers). Gilmore (1999) demonstrated that the professional development benefits gained by teachers were numerous, broad and multi-faceted. The benefits ranged from personal and professional, specific and general, immediate and longer-term, related to assessment and beyond.

While the focus of the 'NEMP experience' is personal to those teachers that participate, there exists the potential for the impact to be more widespread, that is, to have spin-off benefits for others, such as, students, colleagues, or schools. This study documents the nature and level of professional development gained by a group of 'case study' teachers, and changes they have been able to implement subsequently within their classroom or school. It also identifies factors which serve to facilitate or hinder the implementation of new ideas gained from their NEMP experience.