Year: 1999

Author: Edwards, Jan, Hattam, Robert

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Students Completing Schooling Project investigated the issues around early school leaving. A students-as-researchers approach was included within the research methodology. The inclusion of a students-as-researchers approach was intended to provide students with an opportunity to research their peers around the topic of early school leaving. At the completion of the project there have been two major products from the students-as-researchers strand of the research. These are the publication of students-as-researchers approach: facilitating student research into social issues (DETE 1999a) and the development of a students-as-researchers web site at (DETE 1999b). This paper discusses the rationale behind the development of the students-as-researchers approach, the products, and provides an account of how young people reported the experience of acting as student researchers in their schools.