Assessment of the professional needs of teachers in North American tertiary environmental program

Year: 1999

Author: Blaze, Peter, Tchen, Richard

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports on an ongoing process of identifying and meeting the professional needs of faculty in higher education environmental programs in the United States. It includes the self-reported strengths and weaknesses of environmental studies programs and the analysis of them by Kormondy, Corcoran, and Tchen (1997). It contains a descriptive analysis of the Symposium: Academic Planning in College and University Environmental Programs, held on Sanibel Island (1998), incorporating the substance of the three keynote papers and six responding papers. The results of a research survey of the participants at Sanibel are included (1999). An update on recent developments in the "Sanibel planning" process, and prospects for a newly-organized network and coming summit meeting on higher education programs for sustainability and the environment (2000), conclude the paper.