Introducing literacy across the curriculum in a secondary school: A university /school collaborative project

Year: 1999

Author: Beck, Margie, Humphries, Simon

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Australian Catholic University has developed a collaborative project for one of its personnel to move into a school to take responsibility for some of the school's professional development program and to conduct action based research related to the project. One key aim of the project was to develop literacy skills across the curriculum for the staff as well as for the University person to act as 'an educator in residence' for particular areas of professional development.

This paper looks at the development of the new collaborative project between the University and the school and the developing role of the University and school personnel. It explores the issues of developing new research agenda and relationships in a professional setting outside the University.

The paper will explore the way in which the project has been shaped by the work of the University person interacting with the school community at three different levels. The first level is working at the whole school level through meetings and a staff development day with staff and parents. The second levelof involvement is working in small groups of teachers to develop their skills in teaching literacy skills in their particular subject area. The third level is being achieved by working with teachers on a one on one basis in the classroom demonstrating the teaching of text types as well as working in designated release time. The outcomes from each of the levels of involvement will be described in the paper.

One of the aims of the project was to ensure that action research would be generated as a result of the project - this paper reflects that research. It is a collaborative paper prepared by a school staff member and the university person in the school.