Race dealing: multicultural moments in globalised times

Year: 1999

Author: Arber, Ruth

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

To describe ways that race is dealt with in Australia proves a complex task. To many race issues are seen as being something of little consequence in Australia and as not being something that needs to be dealt with at all. Yet and at the same time, arguments about specific race issues (who can enter, who can own, who can rule- Australia) flood the political and public arena. As I explore these ways that race has been dealt with in Australia I find that these dealings are not about dealing with them at a I argue that in contemporary Australian such maps of race dealing are not drawn within the noisy silences of race debate but maintained within codings of multiculturalism. These multicultural codings are become something contested, changing and controversial as they are located in the space of articulation between moments of liberalism and of essentialism. Viewed through the imaginings of these multicultural moments, national futures become utopian (or diablotin) as borders between us and them disappear.