Implementing innovation and systemic change in education : The achievement Of C.E Beeby.

Year: 1999

Author: Alcorn, Noeline

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

C.E. Beeby, who died in 1998, was responsible for overseeing a state sponsored revolution in New Zealand education, initiated by the 1st Labour Government. Director of Education from 1940 - 1960, he also established the NZCER, served as the first Assistant Director for Education at UNESCO in 1948-9, and was responsible for educational systems in Western Samoa and the Cook Islands. His particular genius was as an administrator; both his analytic intelligence and his creativity were directed to implementation and action.This paper explores Beeby's administrative practice in the light of recent theories of change management and both raises questions about and makes comparisons with more recent attempts at systemic changes to educational administration, curriculum and teacher development. Beeby's own writing on the realities of educational planning and its implementation provides an important commentary on this exploration of his practice.