Learning to learn with technology: Incorporating the Internet into an undergraduate course.

Year: 1998

Author: Zammit, Katina, Corrigan, Gerry, Nanlohy, Phil

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Many universities both in Australia and overseas have seen the need to provide students with alternative modes of delivery for courses (Cox, 1997; Iles, 1997; Goldberg, 1996). One of these alternative modes of delivery is clearly the use of the Internet. This mode of delivery can provide flexibility for students in regards to their learning as they can choose their own path, timing and sequence of learning. This paper will present preliminary findings from a TIGS project involving the inclusion of this mode of delivery in conjunction with lectures and tutorials in a second year undergraduate core course for the Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) - English and Science and Technology. It will include a critique and identify the issues related to the development and use of a multi-mode delivery of the subject and the use of the Internet for presenting courses , with recommendations about this method of delivery and if it counts.