Cultural difference in the teaching profession: How much does it count?

Year: 1998

Author: Santoro, Ninetta, Kamler, Barbara, Reid, Jo-Anne

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports on a continuing small ARC project researching the nature of the professional experiences of overseas born and educated non-native English speaking teachers in Victorian secondary schools. Our presentation at last year's AARE conference focused on the ethical and bureaucratic difficulties we faced in our attempts to research sensitive issues of race and ethnicity in the current conservative climate.

This paper reports on the findings of a statewide survey of Victorian state Secondary schools. The survey provides data on the largely invisible population of overseas born and educated teachers - their demographic location, their qualifications, background, skills and the nature of their teaching experiences. The findings have a number of implications for educational planning and raise questions about the way in which cultural difference counts in the teaching profession.