An Australian study of professional male child care givers; beliefs, values and attitudes to childcare

Year: 1998

Author: Niva, Louise

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

While the socialising influence of parents and teachers on young children has been well researched, the extent and manner in which professional child caregivers contribute to this socialisation process through their beliefs, values and attitudes regarding childcare has yet to be fully investigated in Australia. This research examines this aspect of the adult-child relationship within a formal child care setting from the caregiver's point of view. Male child caregivers who have primary contact with very young children in long day care centres in the Adelaide metropolitan area are the initial subjects. An attitude scale will be developed that may eventually assist in supporting self-reflective practice within formal child care settings, and in the early childhood education and training of caregivers. The results of a 1996 pilot study will be presented, along with an outline of proposed research methods and any results at this mid point in the study.