Queensland Year 12 students' experiences of access to information about post-school options: Are there equity issues?

Year: 1998

Author: Neil, Cameron, Whiteley, Sonja

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Since the publication of the Federal Government's discussion paper 'A Fair Chance for All' (1990) considerable attention has been paid to maximising the opportunity all Australians have to access and participate in higher education. Recent reviews of the participation of equity groups in tertiary study have identified the continued under-representation of students from rural and remote areas and students from low-SES backgrounds. This paper presents findings and implications for policy and practice from a selected sample of students who attended Queensland schools identified as rural and remote or socioeconomically disadvantaged, and completed Year 12 in 1997. Students surveyed experienced a range of post-school outcomes including TAFE, university, apprenticeships, and unemployment. The Tertiary Entrance Procedures Authority (TEPA) conducted this research as part of its legislated responsibility to identify equity groups who have difficulty accessing information about tertiary entrance and further education. The data collected included both quantitative and qualitative aspects of these students' experiences of the information and services provided to them throughout their schooling with respect to their post-school options. The findings of this research will be used to inform current policy on managing transitions to further educational opportunities; improve existing information resources provided by TEPA to Queensland school students; and assist with the development of necessary additional resources. Feedback on the results of the study will also be provided to relevant groups and stakeholders, including Queensland tertiary institutions and secondary schools.