Influencing theory and practice; Leadership perspectives in times of change

Year: 1998

Author: McGilp, Jacqueline

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Towards 2000 much has been written about the influence of leadership for effective performance. Leadership has been spelt out for principals and for those holding leadership roles. This study is a further advancement of a pilot study conducted in 1998 which gained the perceptions of educational leaders in regard to what assists them in times of change and in empowering others to change. To the fore in the presentation will be discussion of a change model based on the philosophy of leaders, some regarding acknowledgement of best theory and practice, and, concern for the value of critical theory and analysis, as well as appreciation of what has been achieved by many leaders in schools. Listening to others stories is acknowledged as a vital means of influencing practice and setting directions in theory for practice. The research reports on the views of leaders holding both primary and secondary positions in education.