Learning environments in senior secondary environmental science classrooms

Year: 1998

Author: Henderson, David G., Fisher, Darrell L., Fraser, Barry J.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The purpose of this study was to investigate associations between students' attitudes and their perceptions of their learning environment in senior Environmental Science classrooms in Tasmania, Australia and to examine differences in perceptions according to the student's sex and as to whether or not the student was currently studying another science course. With a sample of 100 students in 7 classes, students' perceptions of their learning environment were assessed using the Environmental Science Learning Environment Inventory (ESLEI) whilst outcomes were measured using responses to two attitude instruments. Sizeable relationships were found between students' perceptions of their learning environment and attitudinal outcomes and previous research was replicated in that females were found to perceive their learning environment in a more positive way than did males. Students studying another science subject were found to perceive some aspects of their learning environment in more positive ways and to have significantly more positive attitudes than students not studying another science subject.