SYMPOSIUM 9: Levels of Economic Literacy: From items to a global indicators

Year: 1998

Author: Helbers, Danielle, Kotte, Dieter, Lietz, Petra

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Economic literacy - broadly defined as the ability to understand economic issues presented in the media - forms part of the set of skills that school leavers require if they are to make informed electoral, educational and vocational decisions. A study conducted recently by the three presenters of the symposium was aimed at evaluating Economic Literacy levels of senior secondary students across Queensland.

At this symposium different aspects of the study will be discussed. First, issues associated with the webbased testing used in the study will be highlighted. Second, psychometric aspects of test items, subscores and total scores will be considered. Finally, it will identify regional differences in the performance of Year 11 and Year 12 students in Economics and discuss the steps involved in comparing levels of economic literacy within Australia and internationally.