What is the Question to which EdNA is the Answer?

Year: 1998

Author: Groundwater-Smith, Susan

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The project Teacher Education and the EdNA Service Directory is charged with meeting the following two objectives:

a) Familiarise teacher educators and their initial and post-initial teacher education students with the EdNA directory service and current developments in the area of information and communication technology; and

b) Facilitate and initiate input and links with the Directory by teacher educators and their organisations.

In order to meet these objectives effectively it is important first to develop an insight into, and critique of, the EdNA directory itself and the nature of one of the communities of practice for whom it has been tailored (i.e. teacher education). The latter part of the paper will draw attention to a proposed ancillary website, 'Learn EdNA', which will support teacher educators and their students in addressing educational matters, using the resources of the EdNA directory.

This discussion paper has emerged, not only as a result of the research and analysis of the author, but through a range of debates with members of the project research team convened by the Dean of Education at Deakin University. The team included teacher educators, technology support persons, a website designer and information scientists.