Shades, Shadows and Reality

Year: 1998

Author: Crebbin, Wendy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

As a person with strong allegances to critical inquiry and action research, in the past I have maintained a cynicism towards the value of 'objective', statistical approaches to research. And as a woman, in this decade I have been drawn to post-modern feminism as an approach to better understanding my social/political contexts. Yet now, working in a new country with great cultural and social diversity, social injustice and educational disadvantage, without the support of statistical data as well as qualitative analysis and critique, the complexity of the problems, and the new problems which are being created, would be easy to overlook in the reality of day-to-day experience.

This paper is an attempt to draw from the strengths of all of these different research perspectives to paint a picture of education in general, and teacher education in particular, in Namibia now, eight years after independence.