Putting Ruallity on the Agenda

Year: 1998

Author: Brennan, Marie, Woodrow, Christine, Appleton, Ken, Hartley, Barbara

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The PANEL aims to raise issues about how to foreground issues of rurality, a much neglected perspective in educational research.

It works from four different research projects :

An exploration of delivery of pre-school curriculum training (Woodrow, Robert and Moreton). A Japanese field placement for immersion teacher education LOTE students (Hartley and Chapman). A study of devolution of school management in country primary schools (Brennan and Bartlett). A first year science teachers' experience in central Queensland (Appleton and Kindt)

The data from these projects have been re-analysed in terms of rurality, using a multi-disciplinary conceptual framework drawn from globalisation/regionality, rural sociology, identity discourses, as well as education.