Changes in student beliefs and perceived social context in relation to maths across the first year of high school

Year: 1997

Author: Watt, Helen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Changes in student perceptions over the first year of high school form the basis of this study. Self- and task-perceptions as well as utility judgements are measured in relation to mathematics, since the transition to high school has been found to impact negatively on students' self-concept in this domain. Students' judgements of their parents' and teachers' perceptions are also measured, to examine whether changes in student perceptions are related to perceived changes in the attitudes of significant others. Participants (N=321) are from three coeducational Government schools in metropolitan

Sydney, matched according to socioeconomic status. Results are discussed within a developmental mismatch framework for contextual school factors and mediating parent and teacher influences as they relate to changes in student perceptions and beliefs over the course of the first year at high school. Analyses to determine change in perception and relatedness of perceptions are hierarchical ANOVAs paired within-subjects, and Pearson correlations. Major implications derived relate to the stability or instability of varying perceptions over time.