Closing down a campus: A case study of "vertical cuts" and the demise of the School of Teacher Education at the University of New South Wales

Year: 1997

Author: Watson, Alan, Nettle, Ted, Scott, Debbie

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The St George Campus was opened in 1980 to accommodate Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education and is a purpose-built teacher education facility housing some 1000 full-time students. The Campus, which is the only university site in southern Sydney, became part of the University of New South Wales in the 1990 Dawkins amalgamations. On December 2 1996, the Council of UNSW, in response to the Vanstone cuts and on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor, decided to close down the operation of the campus beginning in 19 This paper will report the process of that closure - believed to be the first time an Australian campus has been closed without provision for the transfer of major programs and staff - and the attempts of staff and the local community to bring about an alternative conclusion. The final result, which at the time of this proposal is not quite complete, should be clear by the time of presentation. Implications for higher education policy, for research and for the provision of teacher education in Australia will be considered.