Sport based physical education for adolescents in new times

Year: 1997

Author: Taggart, Andrew, Sharp, Sue

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Adolescents are still being presented with sport based physical education curriculum models that fail to respond to their needs in the post-modern world. This paper draws on extensive survey (n = 2,200) and interview data in an attempt to determine the needs and perceptions of adolescents with reference to sport and how sport providers in schools and the community can better meet these perceived needs to promote participation in physical activity.

The students surveyed and interviewed indicated that while sport was a desired activity it would be better positioned if it was offered at different times and in different formats. Students indicated that the major reasons for involvement in sport were liking the sport, keeping healthy and being competent. Thirty-five percent of students surveyed had dropped-out of a sport in the past 12 months and indicated that time schedules, boredom and study commitments were the major factors causing drop-out.

The implications of the findings will be addressed with particular reference to the establishment of effective links between school and community, provision of alternative forms of sport (especially social sport) and different time structures for participation. These adolescent perceptions will be compared with the current and preferred strategies of sport providers to engage adolescents in the movement culture.