SYMPOSIUM 24: Researching curriculum leadership in new times: Insights into theorising and researching teachers' curriculum leadership in changing contexts.

Year: 1997

Author: Macpherson, Ian, Aspland, Tania, Brooker, Ross, Wretham, Robyn, Thurlow, Greg

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This symposium will initially report on a dynamic model of curriculum leadership that has emerged with our collaborative research over the past four years. Within this model, teachers are positioned as central to curriculum leadership, and our cross sector research team has invited them to voice how they are positioned differently within differing school contexts. The findings will form the substance of Paper 1.

The research methodologies and practices have evolved within a narratives research framework juxtaposed with a particular form of critical and collaborative action research that has valued teachers stories and critical conversations as the most effective way of collecting and analysing research data about curriculum leadership in new times. The processes that we have used and the insights we have gained will form the basis of an interactive dialogue between teachers and the members of the research team. This will be the focus of Paper 2 which will be supplemented by video material.

In conclusion, we will put to the symposium that this type of research is the most appropriate methodology for teachers engaging in curriculum leadership in changing times, for it positions teachers at the centre of a process that values dialogical communication amongst partners who enjoy a parity of esteem.