Cultural globalisation and educational inquiry: Conceptual and methodological issues

Year: 1997

Author: Gough, Noel

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Globalisation implies new and increasingly complex patterns of interconnectedness--cultural processes that destabilise interrelationships among spaces and places, technologies and materials, media and meanings, and that might previously have seemed to be (relatively) 'settled'. This paper reports on issues for educational inquiry that are emerging from a project that is examining interrelationships between cultural globalisation, new curriculum priorities, and curriculum change in schools. This research focuses on the ways in which processes of cultural globalisation are represented in curriculum policies and school programs, and expressed by teachers and students, with particular reference to the ways in which meanings that circulate in increasingly globalised media (television, the internet) are deployed in the construction of school knowledge. Conceptual and methodological implications of cultural globalisation for curriculum inquiry will be a particular focus of this paper.