Scaffolding the beginning teacher: the EMSTAR project

Year: 1997

Author: Ginns, Ian, Atweh, Bill, Watters, Jim, Heirdsfield, Ann

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Many components of teaching are problematic for many primary school teachers but early career experiences may act as either inhibitors or catalysts for an enduring commitment to and enthusiasm for effective mathematics and science teaching. This paper describes the conduct of an action research project designed to promote effective mathematics and science teaching among a group of beginning women teachers. The paper outlines the organisational features of the project, in particular the formation of action research cells comprised of subgroups of the participating teachers whose foci are particular aspects of teaching mathematics and science, e.g. assessment and inclusivity. Data analysis will focus on the individual experiences of the participating teachers in their action research cells and an evaluation of the use of action research methods as a means for the induction of teachers into the teaching profession. Results from the project will be used to develop inservice models designed to serve new and growing school and systemic needs with respect to curriculum implementation and best practice in teaching and learning in mathematics and science.