The development of an appropriate practicum model for the B.Ed primary course in new times

Year: 1997

Author: Gibson, Kay, Forlin, Chris

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The practicum is a major component of most B Ed (Primary) courses which allows students to make vital learning connections between theory and practice. The articulation of the practicum to other course components is critical to the success of such courses and to their marketability. This research reports the development of a new practicum model responsive to student learning needs and to policy and practice change in Queensland. The collaborative development of the model between Faculty staff and local school principals and teachers is outlined. The involvement of current and previous students in the development of the model is also reviewed. The model which has been informed by best practice is evaluated from the perspective of the sequence of practicum experiences, the placement of practicum experiences within the context of the overall course, the flexibility of the model to respond to change in policy and practice, the ability of the model to allow and encourage students to make vital learning connections between theory and practice, and the ability of the model to incorporate a number of approaches to practice.