Exploring the effect of the Reading Developmental Ccontinuum on teacher practices

Year: 1997

Author: Fletcher, Margaret, Young, Janelle, Cox, Robyn, Haynes, Dawn

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This session will report on the findings of a collaborative project among three universities, the Australian Catholic University - McAuley Campus, Central Queensland University and Griffith University, and was funded by Language Australia: National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia. The study investigated the interactive nature of teaching, planning, assessing and reporting of reading development in the beginning years of schooling while using the Reading Developmental Continuum.

This presentation will report findings and highlight methodological issues and processes associated with co-operative cross-institutional research. Findings include the perceptions of teachers relating to efficacy, comprehensiveness and validity of the Continuum and the relationship between these and teacher knowledge.

The collaborative nature of this project resulted in innovative use of technology for communication purposes and the use of interactive software for data entry and report writing. The problems and solutions associated with an evolving framework and joint authorship will be shared.