Getting ready for school

Year: 1997

Author: Dockett, Sue, Perry, Bob

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In recent years there have been calls, both within Australia and abroad, to ensure that children come to school, "ready to learn". This paper is the first of a series which will explore what is meant by this term by different groups of people and the ways in which the beliefs underpinning such a term influence decisions such as when children start school, the classes they enter and whether or not they progress annually.

In this initial investigation, a group of preschool teachers, parents of Kindergarten children, teachers of Kindergarten classes and several children within Kindergarten classes from one school have been asked to identify elements of school readiness and the ways in which these could be identified. This paper will consider differences and similarities in the responses of these groups and note implications for the development of transition programs between home and school or home and preschool.