SYMPOSIUM 12: Social justice: Illumination of meanings in educational practice

Year: 1997

Author: Crowther, Frank, Rossi, Tony, Mayer, Di, Olsen, Peter, McMaster, John, Austin, Jon

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Symposium presenters will outline the results of research at U.S.Q into the meanings of social justice in four educational settings:

- school-based policy making - student and community perceptions of the influence of a School Advisory Council on socially just practices
- teacher networking - manifestations of social justice in different forms of school-based networking
- school-community relationships in a small, rural setting - the role of the principal in creating socially just school practice
- curriculum development in an 'intentional' independent school - the impact of "social vision" on teachers' professional practices.

Research findings will be discussed in the context of theoretical conceptualisations of social justice as these pertain to both traditional and postmodern scholarship.