Assessing student performance via the Internet

Year: 1997

Author: Callingham, Rosemary, Griffin, Patrick

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

With increased access by students to the internet, together with greater monitoring of student learning outcomes, there is interest in using the internet to deliver assessment and monitoring programs. The Year 9 Numeracy Assessment and Monitoring Program ran in all Tasmanian government high (Years 7-10) and district high (Years K-10) schools in 19 The testing package included a performance assessment task, and it was decided to use this task as the basis for an internet trial. Three teachers in different schools agreed to complete this task via the internet with one class of students. One class consisted of a high ability year 9 group in a large suburban high school; one was a heterogeneous year 9 group in a rural district high school; one was a group of low ability year 11 students in a senior secondary college. Teachers and students involved had varying degrees of sophistication with computer use.

Student results on the task were compared with those of similar groups of students that completed the task using conventional tools. A number of teacher and student interviews, and observations of students at work on the task, added valuable qualitative data. This paper reports on the advantages and difficulties associated with using the internet for assessment of a performance task.