Understanding beginning teaching: Researching the impact of first year teaching

Year: 1997

Author: Brown, Jennifer, Doecke, Brenton, Loughran, John

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper will explore how a group (N =3D 20) of beginning teachers conceptualised their transition from Teacher Education (Dip. Ed.) to their first year of full-time teaching. The participants in this study completed their Dip. Ed. in 1995 and during 1996 volunteered to be involved in a series of interviews to help unpack their understanding of their role as teachers, the influence of their Teacher Education program in preparing them for teaching and their personal and professional dilemmas in adjusting to the stresses and demands of full-time teaching. The participants in this study show a remarkable maturity and depth of understanding about their teaching practice and the events and episodes which influence it in their day to day work. The relationship between teaching and learning, teacher preparation and teaching practice, and the development of reflection and teacher thinking are all highlighted through the transcript data.

One important outcome of this study is the manner in which the participants begin to express their understanding of their work and the development and articulation of their narratives of practice.

This paper begins to explore the world of practice from the practitioners perspective and as the participants are beginning teachers, helps to unpack how they embark on constructing their understanding of professional practice.