Outcomes without profiles. curriculum planning in New South Wales

Year: 1997

Author: Brady, Laurence

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Following the recommendations of the report Focusing on Learning: Report of The Review of Outcomes and Profiles in NSW Schooling [1995] the state minister for education in NSW abandoned any further development of the state profiles in September 1995. The report however did acknowledge and support the value of outcomes in providing a clearer focus for teaching and learning. This paper reports a survey of teachers from a stratified proportional sample of 48 schools in six non-contiguous districts for schooling in New South Wales on how teachers are currently using outcomes to plan for and direct teaching in the absence of the state profiles. Data indicated that teachers are guided in their planning by outcomes yet state them differentially according to key learning area; that stated outcomes are short term and specified more in relation to skills than knowledge or values; that teachers are not strongly influenced by the previous state profiles in stating outcomes; and that teaching experience and school type are significant predictor variables.