Private industrial and enterprise training and education in the Hunter Region 1900-1990

Year: 1997

Author: Barker, Ray, Holbrook, Allyson

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In the current climate of debate concerning the provision for skills development and training in Australian industry, one of the most serious gaps in our knowledge is our almost complete ignorance of the history of private provision of enterprise and industrial training; its nature, role and significance in industrial development. This paper provides an essential first step towards identifying the above through an historical analysis of patterns of provision in one major industrial area - the Hunter - between 1900 and 1990. Private industry and enterprise training embraces on-the-job knowledge transmission through to private coaching organisations, consultants and in-house training programs. This study maps the field of training provision, identifies significant and unbreachable gaps in the data and identifies factors that contribute to the relative mix of public and private provision. It explores and extends the categorisation of education and training.