Ego-orientation and task-involvement in mathematics achievement: A three year follow up

Year: 1996

Author: Yates, Shirley M, Afrassa, Tilahun Mengesha, Yates, Gregory C R

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

A large body of evidence has implicated the role of ego-orientation and task-involvement as factors relevant to school learning, adjustment and motivation. In an earlier report of a study of Australian primary school students, Yates, Yates & Lippett (1995), found that ego and task motivation measures failed to correlate significantly with concurrently measured achievement, as indexed by Progressive Achievement Test of Mathematics data. In the present study, data has been collected on the same subjects three years later, with some students having moved on to lower secondary schools. Of particular interest is the extent to which changes in mathematics achievement related to the earlier assessment of motivational dispositions.